Services we Provide

Coin Reports


The ultimate combination of provenance research and Condition Census listings.

Coin Search


Desiring a coin and finding it are two different stories. We know where many of the top coins are located and we can help you find that special coin.

Purchase & Sales Negotiation


We can represent you in buying and selling negotiations at all levels.

Provenance Research

It's critical to know the history of the coin you are about to purchase or sell.

Prior Ownership


Famous pedigrees are frequently omitted, lost, or forgotten. Our research adds value by re-linking coins to famous (and not-so-famous) collections.

Grade History


Grades on individual coins do go up (frequently) or down (rarely) and they can vary from one service to another. We provide you with the unvarnished history of the coin you are about to buy or sell.

Price History


We arm you with up-to-date, comparable sales prices so you can make data-driven decisions when buying or selling.

Condition Census Listings for...

Individual Coins


Our rankings show where your coin fits among the finest examples.

Coin Types


We offer the only Condition Census rankings available for type coins.

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